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Trojan Law Offices Overview

At Trojan Law Offices, our mission is to provide protection for advancing science and technologies in the legal arena. In the ever changing and often controversial work of cutting-edge science, the value of expert legal representation cannot be overstated. Our firm is here to provide the legal protection and guidance you need for the security of your work.

From our offices in Los Angeles we partner with large corporations as well as small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, with special expertise in nanotechnology, GMOs, biologics, and other work involving living matter. Our attorneys are trained and experience in a range of scientific fields, with an awareness of all the latest advances. We are strongly poised to provide the knowledgeable counsel and representation you and your work need.

As an intellectual property firm, we are capable of assisting with all matters relating to patents, trademarks, and licensing agreements, specifically in pharmaceuticals, biologics, and biomedicine. This includes cases of patent infringement, ownership disputes, and all other types of litigation. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you have the security and protection to carry out your valuable work free of legal concerns.

Trojan Law Offices Areas of Law