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Core Law Group Overview

Managing Partner, Simon Aziz Budhwani, started Core Law Group with the belief that access to justice should not have to break the bank or the spirit. Core Law Group prides itself on helping good people through their worst times. Over the last decade, we’ve honed our “people first” approach— passionate and aggressive, but also practical and considerate. We focus on finding the strategy that works best for each individual client. We don’t just want to be your lawyers; we want to be your ‘counselors at law.’ We’ll help you understand the law, the options it provides you, and how to use your resources to work toward your goals.

Whether you’re facing divorce, legal separation, domestic violence, a child custody battle, or a child support issue, you have important decisions to make–decisions for yourself, your children, and your future. Core Law Group can help. This page is designed to introduce you to family law basics. As you read, remember these are only the basics. Every person and every case is different, and this page is not legal advice for you or your particular case. Core Law Groups can help you go beyond the basics and outline a strategy/game plan that works for your specific circumstances.

We provide legal representation in divorce, domestic violence, custody, support, and property division cases. We take cases in Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Our clients receive quality, cost-effective representation and superior personal service. You can expect compassion, respect, loyalty, and aggressive representation.

Core Law Group Areas of Law